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5 - A little Wet FINAL.jpg (167936 bytes) 07 - Good Shot of Utility Side of TrailerFINAL.jpg (165888 bytes) 09 - Good Shot of Door Side of TrailerSlightlyCutOffFINAL.jpg (172032 bytes) 27 - Spare Tire CoverGOOD.jpg (167936 bytes)

02-16-2001 - Maiden Voyage
For the first time, I didn't have to worry about rain!

02-24-2002 - Another Trip
This is from another trip a year later.  A good shot of this side of the trailer.
02-24-2002 - Another Trip
Here is a shot of the door side.  The sun was too bright in this photo, thus the streaking.
02-24-2002 - Spare Tire Cover
The spare tire cover.  Of course, this is after the repairs and strengthening I did.
24 - Three-Burner StoveGOOD.jpg (167424 bytes)

23 - Good shot of new CurtainsFINAL.jpg (179385 bytes)

12 - Shot of Counter and SinkFINAL.jpg (164864 bytes) 19 - Old T Connection for Spray HoseFINAL.jpg (163840 bytes)
02-24-2002 - Stove
The three-burner stove.  Cleaned up good!
02-24-2002 - New Curtains
A better shot of the new curtains.
02-24-2002 - Sink & Sprayer
You can barely see that I have added a sprayer (for those high pitchers that you need to fill, etc.)
02-24-2002 - "T" Connection
This was my first attempt at a "T" connection for the plumbing (to accommodate the sprayer).  This failed (as you can tell by the towel).  I eventually found a standard "T" barb connector from a company in Canada.  I will post a photo of it soon.
Apache - Rear Corner Shot FINAL33.JPG (390321 bytes) Apache - Bondo-Glass Patches a year laterFINAL23.JPG (163071 bytes) Apache - Roof BeforeElastomeric ExtremeCloseupFINAL43.JPG (129362 bytes) Apache - Roof BeforeElastomeric GOODFINAL41.JPG (360108 bytes)
09-02-2002 - Bondo-Glass Repair
The 'gaping' hole that I repaired with fiberglass & resin first, then bondo-glass over that. (This photo is the first shot from my new digital camera, and is much higher resolution)
09-02-2002 - Bondo-Glass Patches
Nearly two years later, how the patches are holding up.  They were starting to slightly deteriorate with exposure to the sun.  It's taken me nearly two years to finally put up a carport to protect my old girl.
09-10-2002 - A bad patch
One of the worst patches.  It was starting to separate from the ABS.  However, most of the other patches aren't so bad.
09-10-2002 - Overall Patches
Safely underneath my new carport, I was ready to apply elastomeric paint to the entire road cover.  In addition to giving protection to the patches, it would make the roof a more uniform color.
Apache - Roof Complete2Coats RooffromRightRearFINAL51.JPG (282483 bytes) Apache - Roof Complete2Coats RearABS FINAL (No More Gaping Holes)53.JPG (333344 bytes) Apache - New Levels GOOD 57.JPG (166609 bytes) Apache -84 - DUAL Apaches GOOD FINAL.JPG (706243 bytes)
09-12-2002 - Overall Patches
Two coats, each spaced a day apart provided these fantastic results!  It's a good blocker of UV rays, plus my road cover nearly looks new!
09-12-2002 - Rear ABS Corner
I also applied the elastomeric paint to the rear corner repair I performed.  While I'm certainly no expert at bondo-glass repair, I think this came out pretty good, considering the state it was in before!  This is before I did a final cleanup.
09-12-2002 - New Levels
Here's the new levels I put on a few months ago.  Everyone should have two levels on their Apache to ensure a level set-up!  The other level is attached to the front ABS bezel (to the left in this photo)
11-24-2002 - "Dual"-ing Apaches
For our November camping trip, my brother Tony joined us.  Apaches are taking over the campground!  Tony's performed a lot of work on his Apache, and I hope to get more photos from him of his work soon.

Well, that's all there is for now, but I'll continue to update the pages as I take more photos and do more work!  Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.  I hope that you enjoyed my pictures.

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