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18 - Countertop Shot 4 FINAL.jpg (166400 bytes) 27 - New Ceiling LightFinal2.jpg (170496 bytes) 26 - New Ceiling LightOK.jpg (172544 bytes) 7 - Bed End Rod HoldersFINAL.jpg (160768 bytes)

01-21-2001 - New Countertops
Another shot of the counter.

01-21-2001 - New Light Fixtures
Here are the new light fixtures.  Fairly easy to attach (backed by plywood).
01-21-2001 - New Light Fixtures
Another view.  Two separate bulbs, so you can control the level of light.  Nice and bright when you need them to be.
01-21-2001 - New Bed Rod Holders
By the time I was finished with my Apache, I was an expert in pop-rivets.  Drilled out the old ones, installed these (ordered from Ole' Elmer).

10 - Door SealsFINAL.jpg (136073 bytes)

3 - New Dial-A-LatchOpenFinal.jpg (169984 bytes) 2 - New Dial-A-LatchFINAL.jpg (166912 bytes) 22 - Shiny Door Polishing ExampleFINAL2.jpg (164352 bytes)
01-21-2001 - New Door Seals
Bought this standard seal at a local hardware shop.  Will hopefully insulate the door area much better.  The old stuff was falling apart. 
01-21-2001 - New Dial-A-Latch
One of our Dial-A-Latches had broken, so while on the phone with Ole' Elmer, I had him send me a couple of these too.  Again, pop rivets.   
01-21-2001 - New Dial-A-Latch
I had to shave down the pop rivets to allow the mechanism to move freely.  
01-21-2001 - Polishing Aluminum
Our aluminum was very dull with oxidation.  We bought the 3M "Marine Restorer" compound (found at Wal-Mart). 
1 - Closeup of External Aluminum Rail.jpg (174080 bytes) 3 -  Closeup of External Aluminum Rail FINAL.jpg (166400 bytes) 5 - Yucky Bed EndFINAL.jpg (163840 bytes) 6 - Yucky Bed End CeilingFINAL.jpg (165376 bytes)
01-21-2001 - Polishing Aluminum
The 3M stuff is great.  However it still takes a lot of work, and there's a lot of aluminum on the Apache! 
01-21-2001 - Polishing Aluminum
I think this is an excellent example of the dramatic difference between the old oxidized stuff and the gleaming polished stuff!  Don't forget to wax it after you're done to keep the oxygen out. 
01-21-2001 - Bad Bed Ends!
The state my bed ends will give you some idea of how bad the rest of the trailer was.  We're talking mildew set up camp in my camper!
01-21-2001 - Bad Bed Ends!
More Mildew.  
8 - Me Sanding Bed EndsFINAL.jpg (165888 bytes) 2 - Painting the bed ends FINAL.jpg (164352 bytes) 27 - Final Bed End Shot Painted FINAL.jpg (166400 bytes) 11 - New Windows Vs Old FINAL.jpg (169472 bytes)
01-21-2001 - Bad Bed Ends!
Rather than replace the wood, I decided to sand & paint it.  I'm using just a standard electrical sander here.
01-26-2001 - Bad Bed Ends!
Two coats of latex paint.
02-03-2001 - Good Bed Ends!
Here is the finished product.  Also, you can see the new windows installed.
02-03-2001 - Window Replacement
I forgot to take 'before' pictures of the old yucky windows.  Here's one of the old windows for comparison.

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