Tony's 1974 Roamer

Approximate Layout:

My brother Tony had the great fortune of getting his 1974 Roamer FREE.  The previous owner had to get rid of it, as he lost his storage.  Luckily, he was only about a four hour drive from my brother's house.  The next day my brother was on the road, going to pick it up.  Here are the photos we took when he got back with it.  Hopefully in the future Tony will take more photos, as he's done a great many improvements since then.  Until then, enjoy the pictures!

13 - Exterior Front Unpolished FINAL.jpg (169472 bytes) 12 - Rear Bed End Overall FINAL.jpg (180326 bytes) 11 - Rear Bed End Hinge FINAL.jpg (164352 bytes) 15 - Exterior A-C ShotFINAL.jpg (164864 bytes)

01-27-2001 - Overall Shot
Here she is.  It had been sitting out in the open for who knows how many hears.  A lot of oxidation of the paint.

01-27-2001 - Rear
The back of the trailer.  You can see the algae and gunk on the road cover.
01-27-2001 - Rear Bed End Hinge
Someone did some crappy repairs to the bed end hinge.
01-27-2001 - A/C!!!!
After opening it up, we found a fully-working window unit and all the modifications made to set it in the window.
16 - Exterior Light Added by Prev OwnerFINAL.jpg (171520 bytes) 14 - Exterior Gouge in Door FINAL.jpg (167936 bytes) 17 - Crack in the ABS around window FINAL.jpg (164864 bytes) 40 - Worst Exterior Crack around Window FINAL.jpg (166400 bytes)
01-27-2001 - Exterior Light
The previous owner also added a 12v exterior light.
01-27-2001 - Damaged Door
Someone scraped/gouged the door pretty good.  However, it still opens fine.
01-27-2001 - ABS Crack
ABS Crack above the window in the corner.
01-27-2001 - ABS Crack
Another ABS Crack.  This was the worst one we found.
18 - Exterior Front Upolished2 FINAL.jpg (160768 bytes) 19 - Exterior Front ABS Plate FINAL.jpg (164352 bytes) 20 - Exterior Front Bed End Overall FINAL.jpg (171520 bytes) 4 - Exterior View BACK FINAL.jpg (167424 bytes)
01-27-2001 - Oxidation
Another shot of the badly oxidized paint.
01-27-2001 - Front ABS & Tongue
More gunk on the front ABS.  The tongue was also in pretty bad shape, and the crank was rusting out.
01-27-2001 - Front Bed End
The front bed end actually doesn't look too bad.
01-27-2001 - Back End
Overall, not too bad for FREE!  In this shot, my brother had already buffed out the oxidation on this side.
5 - Exterior Polished FINAL.jpg (166912 bytes) 6 - Rusty Rim FINAL.jpg (164864 bytes)

7 - Exterior Access Panels FINAL.jpg (133960 bytes)

8 - Exterior Windows FINAL.jpg (164352 bytes)
01-27-2001 - After Buffing
A better shot of how the paint underneath all the oxidation is still great!
01-27-2001 - Bad Tire & Rim
The rims and tires were in terrible shape.
01-27-2001 - Access Hatches
All of the access hatches were broken & missing the covers.
01-27-2001 - Windows
The windows were basically opaque.

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