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42 - Busted Gearbox FINAL.jpg (164864 bytes) 43 - Busted Gearbox Shot 2 FINAL.jpg (160768 bytes) 44 - Old Lift Chain MAJOR CLOSEUP FINAL.jpg (166912 bytes)

01-27-2001 - Bad Gearboxes
The two old bad gearboxes.  Notice the huge dent and hole on the left one.  

01-27-2001 - Bad Gearboxes
Another shot of the gearboxes. 
01-27-2001 - Chain Close-Up
You can see here (although it's blurry), that one of the link's center plastic was totally chewed away by the gearbox.  (Right side of picture) 

That's all the photos I have at the moment.  We'll take some more and show you all the work my brother has done on the trailer!

Thanks for stopping by.

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